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About Us

 CC Designs Inc was incorporated in 1999. The owners have worked in the export field since 1980. We have shipped all over the World, with the majority of our business in Japan, Korea, China, Guam, Hawaii and the Philippines.
 We work with Military Contracts, Builders, Home Owners and Hotel Restorations.
 We have been trusted with supplying materials over the years to Presidents of Countries, Celebrities, Governments, Contractors and Home Owners.
 With over 30 years experience of  Export in Building materials we have formed many relationships over the years with trusted manufacturers and whole sellers who realize  the quality and time line needed for the export business.
 When you work with CC Designs you can count on our experience and help getting the products you need  at a competitive price and  to your job site at the time promised.
PHONE  503-647-2260
FAX      503-647-2261
Toll Free 1-877-422-3374   ( Hawaii Guam )
EMAIL mike @
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